Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Reminders to PAY-IT-FORWARD! Chase's mom told me the other day that pay-it-forward is not a one day event....it's a way of life! I LOVED that!!! Check this out: http://chasekraynickpayitforward.wordpress.com/about/ This blog can teach you all about how special Chase was (and still is in our hearts)! Please let me know what you do as a family outside of your home. Chase's mom is very interested in all the good things we are doing so I want to be able to share the kindness with her.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Enough dilly-dalling...

So, thanks to Mrs. Katzell for reminding me to "get to work on this blog"...lol...ok, so it was not exactly like that but it reminded me I need to do an update! :) We are still re-viweing/learning letters and sounds in ELA. We also have been learning quite a few of our sight words. THANK you for reading their READING RAINBOWS every night as this helps in the learing of those important words. In math we have re-viewed numbers 1-10 and have now moved on to 10-20. We are not only learning how to print these numbers/words but also what "makes" all of these nunbers which will move us nicely into adding and subtracting. Here are some Updates for October… **we need some food flyers for a lesson this Wednesday. Please send any food flyers you have ‘kickin around’. **Picture retakes are THURSDAY OCTOBER 25th. Please have your child all ‘dolled up’ as we will be taking our class photo that day! If you would like your child to have retakes of their individual shots please leave a note in his/her agenda. **The cool/cold weather is here  Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather as they WILL be outside for all recesses. They will only be brought in once it hits -30 so bundle them up!! PLEASE label ALL of your child’s outdoor clothing and boots. With 4 classes on one boot rack the chances of someone having the same boots is very likely. We also need the students to be able to zip up their own jackets and tie their shoes. Please practice these very important developmental skills. We will be sending home shoes on the weekend for anyone not knowing how to tie so you can practice over the weekend. ** Ms. Walker and I have been busy teaching the whole school about how to “pay-it-forward”. Our pay it forward was giving each teacher on staff an extra prep and doing something special for the rest of the staff. We want to hear more about your pay it forwards. When you use the card your child passed on to you please let me know as Chase’s mom is interested in hearing about all the great things happening! Again, just write a note in your child’s agenda. Go to: http://chasekraynickpayitforward.wordpress.com/about/ to read about all the wonderful things happening around the world! Of course Halloween is right around the corner…here are a few things you will need to know. -The students will come to school in the morning WITHOUT their costume on. They will be given time to change into their costume at lunch time. Please arrange for yourself or someone to come and help them if they need help. We do not allow weapons to be brought to school. If this is a part of their costume please leave it at home for the afternoon. -The costume parade will start at around 1:10pm. You are more than welcome to come and watch and take pictures. After the parade each class will be doing “their own thing”…you can head back to work  -If you would like to send a treat for that day feel free. We will have a chance to eat…the children will be getting a lot of candy later that day so maybe fruit/vegetables, crackers, or cheese would be an option. Please remember, NO pineapple or grapes as we have some allergies in the room. I think that’s all… Miss Walker and Ms. Heshka