Friday, November 30, 2012


List of good websites for kids! Here are some of the websites we use in the classroom… 1st stop will be our BLOG! The blog is FILLED with games and activities that are based on (outcomes) goals we have set out in the classroom. A great reading site is: Raz Kids-our user name is heshkaro This site allows a story to be read to the kids, the kids to read the story, then the ability to answer questions about the story to check for comprehension. I can go on the teacher roster and check how they are doing and adjust levels accordingly. Then as they do each job, they earn points; the points enable them to buy “cool” things for their ROCKET ROOM! They really love this site!!! A great way to study spelling is SPELLING CITY! You can enter in our spelling words and they provide games using those words. Starfall-This has always been a favourite! LOTS to do here…check it out! There are a million more on line games but these are some that are teacher checked  ENJOY!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


No School Monday!! Please be sure to take in Yorkton's Remembrance Days services and show your respect to our veterans!