Saturday, November 7, 2009


Friday was the last day of school before our 5 DAY BREAK! Everyone is so excited to have a few days off.
Wednesday is Remembrance day so don't forget to take part in ceremonies, thank a solider, or take a minute of silence.
We will NOT have a spelling test on Friday the 13th but their new words will be given to them for the following Friday (20th) test. Please make sure their BLUE spelling duo is brought back to school next week. Their small pink Hilroy (spelling test booklet) will also need to be returned.
I did send home some work books; if your child brought them home they have corrections that need fixed. They can be returned to school Thursday.
I also sent home some reading sheets. The kids were excited on Friday when they saw some of their names in the stories.
We just finished a spider unit and will be starting a bear one when we get back so I am looking forward to that.
We are just starting adding in Math. And are busy working on new words and sounds like ch,sh,th,etc. in Language Arts.
If you have any questions feel free to call, email, or leave the questions as a comment here on the blog.
Have a SUPER 5 days off!!

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