Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to Work

Our holidays are coming to an end. I am at the school taking part in a Summer Math Institute (learning new ways to teach math making it fun and exciting for me and the students!!)
I hope you have been playing the games I have added to the blog!! These games will refresh skills learned in grade 1 and will help your child start grade 2 WITH A BANG!!
For my new grade 1's...there are many games on the blog to help get you ready for the beginning of the year. We will be starting with letter/number recognition and printing as well as colours and shapes. Having some recent "refreshers" for your child to pull from will make the transition to grade 1 easier for your child. So, play games on-line or hands on (like Uno, go fish, etc) and your child will thank you!!
See you SOON!

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