Monday, November 29, 2010

so much happening--so little time ;)

New reading books!
Ok, so we have moved on from our reading rainbow! We will still be using it to send our spelling test practice worksheets back and forth as well as for the odd reading rainbow page.
I will be sending home books that follow what we are doing in class. We started using a program called Starfall ( During ELA we read a book, then we go online and play the games that go with the book and finally we watch a 2 min video of the topic (ex. Zac the Rat). To follow up we work on the corresponding section in our Starfall work book.
I will be sending home a Starfall book nightly (sometimes it will be another brand) but either way it will be a book . I’d like you to read over these books and send them back the next day. I will NOT send a new book until the other book has been returned. I do this because most of the books I send home have been purchased with my own money and I’d like to keep them as long as possible 
-Reminder our field trip is Dec. 1st! ALL students in grade 1 MUST stay for lunch that day.
-Dec. 3rd CTV is coming to film us singing The First Noel. Please make sure to dress nice for the cameras!
-If you did not make it to interviews PLEASE call me to reschedule. I will be contacting everyone (that didn’t make it) soon to set up a new date/time. 786-5510 (school phone number)
Ms. Heshka

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