Thursday, January 20, 2011


Tomorrow is NOT wacky Hair day!! It has been cancelled.

We will have our spelling test.

Monday and Tuesday this week I was at a "Teaching Treaties in the Classroom" workshop becoming a catalyst teacher in that field. It was awesome and I can not wait to start implementing some of the thing I learnt.
On Wed. I attended a family funeral, and so today was spent trying to catch up and listen to the stories from all the students. After that long apart we all had many questions and stories to share.

We started a new unit on Animals which the kids are LOVING! I added a link to National Geographic on the blog (under other subjects). We looked at a few videos today and the kids couldn't wait to share their new finds with you. **Fainting goats was definitely a class favourite** :)

We are still working on adding and subtracting. Ask your students to teach you about the terms we have been learning. (Part-part-whole, fact family, 10 frame, ect)
And keep working on + and - at home using "real" objects.
ex)Hey 'Julia',
Mom has 8 cans of soup in the cupboard. How many would I need to buy to make 10?

These are fun, easy ways to make math fun but also to make it real. These are problems they will need to know how to solve for the future. You always hear, "When will I EVER use this???" and here is a perfect example of when....GROCERY SHOPPING!!

Anyways, I hope you find this helpful and enjoy the new website.

Happy Friday! (tomorrow)

Ms. Heshka

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  1. My son came home all excited about the National Geographic Kids site and he also told us about the different math terms and he has fun making fact family pictures. Thank you for helping him find math a useful and fun skill to learn.