Thursday, March 24, 2011

Making Quesadillas

In Health, we have started our unit on Healthy Bodies. We are starting the unit with Nutrition (learning about the 4 food groups and how foods give us nutrients). We will learn each food group in detail and try at least one food in that group. This week we made Quesadillas. (Grains and dairy). It was SOOO MUCH FUN!!! Stay tuned for more pictures on other food groups!

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  1. Joshua came home SO excited about trying sour cream and the quesadilla, he can be rather picky so it is always nice when he tries new things.

  2. I know!! He said to me, "Guess what? I have never eatin sour cream OR Quesadillas before and now I did and I LOVE THEM BOTH"!!!!
    Comments like that make my day!