Friday, January 10, 2014

one week down...

So, we all survived the first week back after the winter break! The first 3 days made me want to cry (tooooo coooolllldd!!!) but the last two days we were able to get outside and PLAY!!! Today we had an assembly where we were told something SUPER EXCITING (I will let them tell you the news)...I will give you a hint, it involves a book! If you have any questions fell free to ask. (And a heads can read ahead if need be)! :) Just keep the ending a secret! We starting our 2014 "Pay-it-Forward" lessons. You all got a card and paper to fill out how you and your child 'paid-it-forward'! This is such a powerful message to teach our youth...please help spread the message of how to PAY-IT-FORWARD! If you need more cards I have more and will send them home with your child! We have started a unit on BEARS...This is by far one of the students favourite! We will be learning about non-fiction vs fiction, beginning, middle and ends of a story, retelling, finding facts, and seeing all of the different ways we can learn about bears (magazines, technology, books, etc). SO FUN!!!! Enjoy the beautiful weather!!!

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