Saturday, February 13, 2010


It is Saturday morning and I have just started getting some housework done so I can enjoy the rest of my week off.
I will be heading in to the school to get planned for our next few units. We will be starting the Space and Shape Strand in Math and the Healthy Body Unit in Health. (as well as many other new and exciting things)
I would ask that you keep working on adding and subtracting (in this case, practice will make perfect). You can add in workbooks from Staples or Walmart, online, or using day to day objects like cereal or macaroni. It is so important they have a solid understanding of adding and subtracting for the next few units we will do as well as for the rest of their schooling years. A small amount of time will make a HUGE difference for them.
I also ask that you continue reading. The time spent together sharing a good piece of literature can be priceless and what your child will get out of that time spent together can never be measured. I can not stress the importance of this.
One last thing...I'd like to thank you all for the wonderful Valentines treats and gifts. They were very much appreciated. I have been truly blessed with a wonderful school family!
I hope you all enjoy your holidays and I cannot wait to see you next Monday!!

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  1. Thank You for being a wonderful Grade One teacher!
    I love being in your class and I like the way that you teach our class!

    Love Damon Crow-Buffalo!