Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Friday!

We had a very busy day today. For the past week we had Mrs. Muir in our room helping us learn about measurement, capacity, mass, and "er" words (longER, shortER, smallER, etc). Ask your child to teach you what they learned in Math this week.

We did not get a chance to add our new words into our duotangs. (Sorry)
Our new words are:







We also started out healthy body unit and are focusing on Nutrition right now. We also found out that we have lice in the classroom. A note was sent home with each student. The cycle is 7 days (at least) so please continue to check your child's hair nightly. If one person misses it, the lice will continue to circulate around the classroom. If you need any help with checking or getting rid of, please contact the public health nurse.

Book orders went home and are due back on Monday March 1st.

Have a super weekend!!

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