Friday, September 17, 2010

14 Days!

So, today is our 14th day of school! Hooray!
We have been talking lots about behaviour in our class and school. There has been many issues within our classroom such as inappropriate use of the washroom, hitting, being verbally mean, etc. Starting next week I will beging to take these behaviours more seriously (I felt like they may need time to adjust to gd. 1 but 3 weeks is enough adjusting).
My disipline plan is 1 warning. Everyones name is on the board right now, the 2nd time gets your name underlined. The 3rd time gets it crossed out and you stay in for a recess. For any other incidences your child will see one of the admin team and lose more things (like recess).
I also have an "I Had a Good Day Chart". Everyday the children have a good day they get a sticker by their name. 5 stickers in a row gets them a prize or treat from the "treasure box"!
I will be writing in your child's agenda if he or she had any issues during the day.
Please support our classroom rules by talking with your child about the inportance of proper behaviour while at school.
Have a great weekend!!

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  1. This blog is a great idea, we will definitely be talking with our child about the importance of behaving, listening and following the rules.