Thursday, September 30, 2010

22 days...

Yep, thats right...we have made it through 22 days of grade 1!!
We are working on our letter formation and sounds of hard and soft letters. Tomorrow is the letter O o. We are also reviewing our numbers and learning about sets and proper formation.
Of course, there are a million other things we have on the go (Autumn books, colours, My special Me books....ask your child to share what they are doing in class)
I am SOOOO PROUD of them and how far they have come since the first day! They are picking out words they know in books and beginning to put together sentences. It is AWESOME!!!

Pictures were sent home today! They all turned out fantastic!!!

Please remember your child needs INDOOR and OUTDOOR shoes! They will not beable to participate in Phys. Ed without the proper footwear.

Also a reminder...NO Junk Food for snack!!! There is a complete difference in them if they eat a chocolate bar or oreos at snack as compared to when they eat an apple or banana.

I have enjoyed the first 22 days!
Ms. Heshka

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